Dedicated to the Success of Contractors!

Throughout history, the technology of building has continually evolved.

Yet, certain principles are timeless.

Plumb, level and square.


Pleasing proportions.

And the necessity of making a fair PROFIT.

So, how do you transform yourself from working contractor to successful business owner?

I had the same question myself 24 years ago. 

Our company built 3000 projects. More importantly, we also built an enduring organization.

Now I want to pay it forward to the next generation of builders.

To find out how my consulting and coaching services will help you achieve greater success faster, step right in here!


Bruce has been one of my greatest mentors. The way he breaks down a problem or situation and turns it into a simple explanation is impressive. His ability to empathize, pulling from his vast experience, is definitely one of his strengths.

—Jason R. Tanenbaum   Vice President, Grainda Builders, Inc.
Lessons Learned