Robert Bruce Giffin has worked in construction since 1973.

Crossing the country at the age of 17, he found a job relocating and renovating historic log homes in the far northern reaches of the mountains in the panhandle of Idaho. 

Then, as a young journeyman carpenter, his work took him cross country from California to Washington, DC, to Boston, back to Idaho and ultimately back to California. 

Always fascinated by the combination of craftsmanship and production, his lifelong pursuit has been how to build better, faster and profitably. 

The three qualities are not mutually exclusive.


And then there's the fourth element... heart and soul.


You can feel when a well built home has “good bones”. That it’s got spirit. Turns out that comes from the energy and integrity of the people who assembled it. Over time, that fourth quality of heart and soul turns out to be priceless.

Starting out as a laborer, then a finish carpenter, a cabinetmaker, a finisher, and lastly as a framer for 17 years, Bruce saw the whole gamut of building.

In 1986, he and Geoff Crane formed a partnership, Giffin & Crane General Contractors, LLC.


Bruce and Geoff built their organization from a crew of two to a company of 50. Together, over 34 years, they completed over $360 Million of architectural projects for 700 clients.  Highly sought after and award winning, Giffin & Crane General Contractors, LLC became one of the most successful home building, remodeling and renovation companies in Santa Barbara.


While Bruce has sold his interests and retired from Giffin & Crane, the company continues on with the next generation, delivering on the same values that Bruce and Geoff founded the company on…

  1. Do the best work, no matter what.
  2. Know your numbers.
  3. Own your mistakes.

So starting with the crews he led, then leading various organizations, both for profit and non, Bruce has a lifelong interest in learning how to effectively lead, manage and motivate people in order to deliver high performing results. 


Today, Bruce is focused on contributing to the success of others, particularly those in the trades. Bruce shares his wisdom and hard earned knowledge gained for you to create a valued and enduring business by building relationships with both your clients AND your trades.

Bruce looks ahead with great enthusiasm for seeing the next generation of builders succeed!