• I've been working with Bruce for more than a year now and have gotten a tremendous amount of value from our bi-weekly conversations. Our discussions are both tactical and strategic and I've found Bruce has a wealth of experience to provide great perspectives on almost every initiative and challenge we discuss.  —Kyle Lissack,  President, Pinemar, Inc., Philadelphia, PA
  • Bruce has been one of my greatest mentors. The way he breaks down a problem or situation and turns it into a simple explanation is impressive. His ability to empathize, pulling from his vast experience, is definitely one of his strengths. —Jason R. Tanenbaum, Vice President, Grainda Builders, Inc., Charlotte, NC
  • There have been many people I’ve known over the years who have impacted my business.  Far fewer have affected both my business and family life.  Bruce Giffin is one of the rare people who has influenced my business, family, and role as a man, specifically my principal role as a leader.  Without knowing it, Bruce is a role model to many people he meets. —Chris Bormes, President, Preat Corporation, Santa Maria, CA